Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Free Printable Butterfly Coloring Page and Craft.

Okay, this is a really fun project and great for Fine Motor Skills! It's super easy too. I actually tested this on a group of kids and they had so much fun with it. Click one of the links above to print this project in black and white or color. We have posted it before, but since it is spring we wanted to share it again.
These crafts are also great for Fine Motor Skill Development.

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Here are the instructions:

1. If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.
2. Let your child choose which shapes they like the most on the 2nd page, cut them out, and glue onto the Butterfly craft.

It's that easy! Really, it almost doesn't need instructions. Most of the kids that tried this out for me knew what to do with out me having to tell them :-)

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