Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bible Craft Book for Kids

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So here is a great book of Bible crafts that go with the bible stories. My favorite is their Noah's Ark Craft.
I love having a craft to hand the kids that goes along with their bible story for the day. It helps reinforce the story into memory and keeps bible study a fun positive thing. It is great for sunday School Crafts, Homeschool Craft, Bible Class Crafts or just for fun.

You can buy it by clicking  Here

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We have so much fun making the crafts at It takes us about 2 hours per project to creat and publish. They are perfect for kids and  so much fun. They will take your child around 15-30 minutes to complete. Great for attention span building and motor skill building.

I have never been disappointed by the amount of growth my children gain by doing cut, paste and color or paint projects. As they work on it their neurons are growing and connecting in ways that will bring greater inteligence in their lives. So much better than TV or a video game.  Enjoy!