Monday, October 24, 2011

Free Printable Skeleton Activity and Coloring Page


Coloring Page

Very excited Halloween is so near! My little girls are going as a unicorn, a three musketeer, a fairy, and a witch. Their costumes are nearly ready for trick or treating. My older kids aren't really dressing up...just maybe buying a mask or bunny ears or something for their "costume". Not nearly as fun as the little ones!
So here is another project. I'm trying to get a bunch posted before the holiday. It's just a little skeleton that they can make dancing or walking or doing whatever they want. Just let your child choose which legs and arms they want, and glue them to the torso. Then, naturally glue the head to the torso, the feet to the legs, and the hands to the arms. That's it! Another fun Halloween project. Then there is also a coloring page to go along with it. To see more free printable crafts visit

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