Friday, October 14, 2011

This is our lates Halloween Printable Craft- So Cute!

Here is our latest Halloween printable craft for all of you. Super easy and cute. My 20 year old daughter made this one. I'm pretty proud of her. My kids had a lot of fun with it.
 Ok, so am I the only lame one at decorating for the holiday? I want to be that kind of mom that is so festive, but it is SO at the bottom of my long list of  'must do's'. I through a few things up that look pretty shabby because they have been in and out of a box for years now. LOL  I make a new goal.... Next year I'm going to be way funner and decorate my house for Halloween. ;)
So enjoy this cute printable. You can always see all of our crafts at

To print this project you can go to our Free printable Halloween paper crafts at our web site or click below.

Free Printable spider paper craft in color                 

 Free Printable Spider Paper Craft and Coloring Page
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