Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Halloween Spider and Haunted House Craft Free Printable Coloring Page

So I went to buy my 2 and 5 year old daughters a pumpkin today. Of course, the perfect one was a pumpkin at the bottom of a pile of pumpkins at the grocery store. I thought I was being extra good at rearranging the pile as we slipped the bottom one out.  Nope! Before I could stop it, we had created a small landslide of pumpkins in a parking lot with a slope, while people around were wondering why I was dumb enough to try and pull a pumpkin from the bottom. Picture me chasing pumpkins across the parking lot, trying to catch them and keep track of my two girls at the same time. LOL Quite a site.

This haunted house coloring page is another great creation from my oldest daughter. She has a great printable Halloween project coming soon that goes with this page. Love that coloring keeps the kids busy and develops good motor skills. You can check out all of our free printable paper crafts and coloring pages at  .

You can print it from the Halloween page at our site or on our blog or follow the Print Link below.

 Print Haunted House and Spider Coloring Page