Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flower Craft and Rocket Ship coloring page

This is a fun little flower craft for girls. As all of our other crafts, this one is printable in black and white or color. :-) Here are the instructions:

1. If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.
2. Cut out the petals, center, stem, and leaves.
3. Glue the petals to the back of the center to make them into a circle so it resembles a flower
4. Fold the stem in thirds on the dotted line.
5. Glue the stem on the very back of the center and flowers.
6. Glue the leaves to the stem.

Simple enough! If you like these projects, visit to print even more out for free.

Okay so funny story. Last night I let my little 6 year old, Maddie, invite a school friend over. They played and had a good time  for a few hours. About the time that Maddie's friend's mom was supposed to come pick her up, I started undressing my little 2 year old to give her a bath. Just then, the door bell rang so I went to answer it and as I was talking to her mom, my little 2 year old decided to run to the front door. She was completely naked. In shock, the other mom said, "Oh my goodness!" Hahah It didn't bother my toddler in the least to be running around naked.There is almost never a dull moment with her around. :-)  It gave me a good laugh, as well as the rest of my kids.

So I've decided to add a coloring page to this post for those of you with little fellas. Here it is:

This one is available at like the Flower one as well. Print it out for free, and let them color or paint. Or print out a few if you have more than one little boy. Just whatever you want.

Hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think.
Happy Crafting