Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Gift to All you Fab Moms!

Here is my gift to all the busy moms in the world.  Oh yes, we are busy because we have the only job in the world that our regular hours are 24/7 and 365 days per year with no overtime.   Ummmm, actually, no wages at all for that matter. LOL   Pat yourselves on the back for all you do :)  There were several times I went to the computer wanting a simple easy free printable craft for my children that would not require a trip to the craft store for supplies. You know, just something they could cut out, color and paste together. I like to keep them busily while I scrapbook. Yes, doing something more interactive than TV is good. I did find some coloring pages for kids that were only 'OK' and a few free printable crafts, but noticed there is a shocking lack of great printable crafts for kids online. So here you have it. Print this free crafts and let your cutie give it a try. If they like it, we have made a free website you can see them all. We publish a new Free Printable Craft or coloring page every week.