Friday, August 26, 2011

Jungle Craft

This one is fun because there are three different options. That way if your kid/kids (or you) don't want to get out the crayons and glue and scissors then you can just print the coloring page. The top two links are both activities. Here are their instructions:

1. If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.
2. Cut out animals, leaves, and trunks on second page.
3. Glue them to the first page to create your own jungle scene.

And that's it. The very last link is the coloring page. If you like this project there is this one and more at Like this blog, they're free to print out.

Today my daughter Maddie (6 years old) called me from her school to say that she had been seriously wounded and needed to come home. She had gotten 2 tiny ant bites. Lol my friend happened to be at the school in the office when Maddie came in with her "wounds" and called me about it. She didn't need to come home or anything, but she loves to play up the illnesses. Especially around chore time. Yeah, we've all faked sick before! I know how that is. It annoys my other kids, especially the older ones that like to point it out real quick that she's faking. "Nice try Maddie, you do this every time!"

But she still insists she's horribly ill....And after chores are done? Miraculous recovery! She's ready to play again. Haha I guess my story about the little boy that cried wolf didn't have as much effect on her as I would have liked it to. Guess I'll have to come up with a new monologue. ;-)

So here's a little craft for boys:

As you can see, it's a card that they can print out, put together, and give to their best friend. It's pretty self explanatory but here are the instructions just in case: 

1.If printed in black and white, color or paint.
2.Cut out main card and fold in half.
3.Cut out “Best Friends Forever Card” and glue to inside of card.
4.Cut out wavy figures and glue one on top of the other, onto the front of the card, without covering up the “Best Friends!” wording. (See Figure Above)

And I wasn't going to put the girl one on here today but I decided that I may as well do it! So here is the exact same card but for little girls:

The instructions are the exact same for this as for the little boy one. There are even more on too if you like these. One for them to make for Dad, and one for Mom, there's a Happy Birthday card and even more. My girl's love them and made a bunch of cards, so your kids are bound to love them too!

Happy Crafting