Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Printable Owl Hanger

This is the Free Printable Owl Hanger. I let my girls hang this project on their bedroom wall and they loved it.
The instructions for this one are easy as well. Here they are:

Note: This project is best if printed on heavier paper or cardstock. If not available, print on regular paper and glue owl’s body to something heavier such as the side from a cereal box. Trim off excess cardboard around the owl’s body. This will make owl stronger for hanging.

1.If printed in Black and White, color or paint and dry.
2.Cut out eyes, beak, body and feet.
3.Cut out as many rows of feathers as desired.
4.Fold feather tops back at dotted line.
5.Fold beak at line.
6.Glue eyes, beak and feet to body.
7.Glue the feathers to the owl by applying glue to the folded back tops and pressing it against the owls stomach, leaving the feather bottoms poking outward.
8.Attach a string to the dots on the ears by gluing. Or, puncture a hole at the dots and tie string through the hole. Then hang.

If these are difficult at all, you can view the instructions at Just click on the "More Free Printables" tab, scroll down a little, and there will be a pic of it. Just click on the "View Instructions" link and it will show the instructions with pics that go along with the steps. Might make it more simple. :-) 

My little four year old girl is so funny. She has a stuffed doggy that she loves and takes everywhere with her. Today we baked a cake in her easy bake oven because it was puppy's birthday (that stuffed animal is always having birthdays). Well every night she prays that that stuffed animal will "be a real puppy". Lol It makes me want to really get her a dog, but we have too many animals as is! We have 2 pigmy goats, 3 bunnies, 1 fish, and 1 cat. I don't really want to take on the responsibility of another animal.......but I just might.

Truth is, I've been thinking alot about the whole dog thing lately and looking into it. It would be fun to get a little house dog. Something that doesn't get very big. Hmmmmm. But then I think about the mess that I would end up cleaning, the vet bills I would have to pay, on top of food and shots and everything else a little doggy needs, and I start to doubt it again. But one of these days....I'll probably get one anyways. :-)

Enjoy the craft!