Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween Ghost and Pumpkin Coloring Page

Here is my newest creation. Funny story about this one... I sketch the pictures before putting them onto the computer. I sketched the ghost and pumpkin easily but tried the face about 4 times and erased it trying to get a cute ghost face that the kids would love.  I got frustrated and set it down and my nine year old daughter picked it up and sketched the eyes and mouth and added a spider yo-yo. It was perfect, as seen above.  LOL   Lesson learned... if you can't get it right, get your nine year old to do it for you. Well she is hired. Print it and have fun. Also check out all of our other Free printable coloring pages and printable arts and crafts at www.smartypantsfun.com

 If anyone out there would be interested in a coloring contest let me know. I will post the contest coloring page and announce a winner in two weeks. They will need to scan and email their child's finished coloring page to me. I will post them all on the site (anonymously if desired) and send the winner of each age group a big coloring book and markers.  Let me know if that sounds fun to any of you.