Friday, September 2, 2011

Name Hangers

This is the printable name hanger. They get to cut out, color, and hang on their wall their name. Here are the instructions for this one:

1.Print as many pages as needed to have enough letters and hanging tiles for the desired name or word.
2.If printed in Black and White, color or paint and dry.
3.Cut out hanging tiles and desired letters.
4.Fold hanging tiles back at dotted line. 
5.Glue letters to hanging tiles . 
6.Arrange tiles into the desired name or word.
7.Run string or yarn along the inside top of the folded hanging tiles and glue hanging tiles closed. Then hang.

For instructions with pictures, visit and click on the "More Free Printable Crafts" and scroll down to the project and instructions. There are also more crafts and coloring pages there if you happen to want to print more!
Enjoy :-)