Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Printable Owl Hanger

This is the Free Printable Owl Hanger. I let my girls hang this project on their bedroom wall and they loved it.
The instructions for this one are easy as well. Here they are:

Note: This project is best if printed on heavier paper or cardstock. If not available, print on regular paper and glue owl’s body to something heavier such as the side from a cereal box. Trim off excess cardboard around the owl’s body. This will make owl stronger for hanging.

1.If printed in Black and White, color or paint and dry.
2.Cut out eyes, beak, body and feet.
3.Cut out as many rows of feathers as desired.
4.Fold feather tops back at dotted line.
5.Fold beak at line.
6.Glue eyes, beak and feet to body.
7.Glue the feathers to the owl by applying glue to the folded back tops and pressing it against the owls stomach, leaving the feather bottoms poking outward.
8.Attach a string to the dots on the ears by gluing. Or, puncture a hole at the dots and tie string through the hole. Then hang.

If these are difficult at all, you can view the instructions at Just click on the "More Free Printables" tab, scroll down a little, and there will be a pic of it. Just click on the "View Instructions" link and it will show the instructions with pics that go along with the steps. Might make it more simple. :-) 

My little four year old girl is so funny. She has a stuffed doggy that she loves and takes everywhere with her. Today we baked a cake in her easy bake oven because it was puppy's birthday (that stuffed animal is always having birthdays). Well every night she prays that that stuffed animal will "be a real puppy". Lol It makes me want to really get her a dog, but we have too many animals as is! We have 2 pigmy goats, 3 bunnies, 1 fish, and 1 cat. I don't really want to take on the responsibility of another animal.......but I just might.

Truth is, I've been thinking alot about the whole dog thing lately and looking into it. It would be fun to get a little house dog. Something that doesn't get very big. Hmmmmm. But then I think about the mess that I would end up cleaning, the vet bills I would have to pay, on top of food and shots and everything else a little doggy needs, and I start to doubt it again. But one of these days....I'll probably get one anyways. :-)

Enjoy the craft!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Free Printable Mood Meter

This is what we call the Mood Meter. Here are the instructions:

Note: This project is best if printed on heavy paper or cardstock. If cardstock is not available, print to paper and paste to something more rigid, such as the back off of a cereal box.
1. If printed in black and white, color or paint and dry.
2. Cut out pointer.
3. On the pointer, puncture a small hole at one end of the dotted line. Cut along dotted line around the three sides to the other end of the dotted line.
4. Cut the meter out.
5. Slide pointer over the edge of the left side with center section in back and arrow in front. Slide up and down as desired.

If these are a little confusing, visit and click on the "More Free Printables" tab. The instructions just a little ways down our page.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Jungle Craft

This one is fun because there are three different options. That way if your kid/kids (or you) don't want to get out the crayons and glue and scissors then you can just print the coloring page. The top two links are both activities. Here are their instructions:

1. If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.
2. Cut out animals, leaves, and trunks on second page.
3. Glue them to the first page to create your own jungle scene.

And that's it. The very last link is the coloring page. If you like this project there is this one and more at Like this blog, they're free to print out.

Today my daughter Maddie (6 years old) called me from her school to say that she had been seriously wounded and needed to come home. She had gotten 2 tiny ant bites. Lol my friend happened to be at the school in the office when Maddie came in with her "wounds" and called me about it. She didn't need to come home or anything, but she loves to play up the illnesses. Especially around chore time. Yeah, we've all faked sick before! I know how that is. It annoys my other kids, especially the older ones that like to point it out real quick that she's faking. "Nice try Maddie, you do this every time!"

But she still insists she's horribly ill....And after chores are done? Miraculous recovery! She's ready to play again. Haha I guess my story about the little boy that cried wolf didn't have as much effect on her as I would have liked it to. Guess I'll have to come up with a new monologue. ;-)

So here's a little craft for boys:

As you can see, it's a card that they can print out, put together, and give to their best friend. It's pretty self explanatory but here are the instructions just in case: 

1.If printed in black and white, color or paint.
2.Cut out main card and fold in half.
3.Cut out “Best Friends Forever Card” and glue to inside of card.
4.Cut out wavy figures and glue one on top of the other, onto the front of the card, without covering up the “Best Friends!” wording. (See Figure Above)

And I wasn't going to put the girl one on here today but I decided that I may as well do it! So here is the exact same card but for little girls:

The instructions are the exact same for this as for the little boy one. There are even more on too if you like these. One for them to make for Dad, and one for Mom, there's a Happy Birthday card and even more. My girl's love them and made a bunch of cards, so your kids are bound to love them too!

Happy Crafting

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flower Craft and Rocket Ship coloring page

This is a fun little flower craft for girls. As all of our other crafts, this one is printable in black and white or color. :-) Here are the instructions:

1. If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry.
2. Cut out the petals, center, stem, and leaves.
3. Glue the petals to the back of the center to make them into a circle so it resembles a flower
4. Fold the stem in thirds on the dotted line.
5. Glue the stem on the very back of the center and flowers.
6. Glue the leaves to the stem.

Simple enough! If you like these projects, visit to print even more out for free.

Okay so funny story. Last night I let my little 6 year old, Maddie, invite a school friend over. They played and had a good time  for a few hours. About the time that Maddie's friend's mom was supposed to come pick her up, I started undressing my little 2 year old to give her a bath. Just then, the door bell rang so I went to answer it and as I was talking to her mom, my little 2 year old decided to run to the front door. She was completely naked. In shock, the other mom said, "Oh my goodness!" Hahah It didn't bother my toddler in the least to be running around naked.There is almost never a dull moment with her around. :-)  It gave me a good laugh, as well as the rest of my kids.

So I've decided to add a coloring page to this post for those of you with little fellas. Here it is:

This one is available at like the Flower one as well. Print it out for free, and let them color or paint. Or print out a few if you have more than one little boy. Just whatever you want.

Hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Printable Robot Coloring Page

Okay so this one is really cute for boys. Just a coloring page, that simple.
Click on the link to print it out for your little guy for free!
If you like our projects, and want to see more you can check out our website at

I let my nephew view this and give his opinion of it. He's two or three and he was pretty impressed. :-)
My youngest son it 14! So I don't get to spend much time with little boys. Naturally, this made it a blast to see what my nephew had to say.  He's definately a cutie, loves cars and trucks and all things boy. 

I love getting kid's opinions on my projects, and finding out what they like or don't like about them. 
It helps me to know if a project is too time consuming or if it is too easy etc. 
They give me some fantastic ideas! 

So, enjoy:-)
I hope it makes arts and crafts time with your little ones a blast!
I know I have soooo soooo much fun doing it. It can get messy, but it is always worth 
it in the end to see their creativity come out.   

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bumblebee Goal Setter

Okay this one is a BLAST! It makes setting goals with your kids allot more fun. 
The instructions? Easy. :-) 

1.First choose a goal to set. (Keeping their room clean for a certain ammount of days, potty training, the options are endless!)

2.If printed in black and white, color or paint and let dry. Everything except for the rectangles.

3.Everytime your child gets a step closer to reaching their goal, let them color in one of the rectangles to help the bee get to the honey hive.

How cute is that, right?
This one makes it fun AND encourages them. It's also good to have a prize for them to receive once they "get the bee to the hive". Great for motivation.
I hope you like it as much as we do. There is one that's all girly, and one for little men.
Enoy! :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Having a Blast Doing these printable crafts

See all of our great pre school crafts and craft ideas for kindergarten.

Sorry I'm a little late getting this one out. I went to the Josh Groban concert over the weekend with my two daughters (Age17 and 20)  We had a blast. His voice sounds like 'smooth butter'  if you know what I mean. And surprisingly, he rocks on the drums. Something I did not know until he played some instrumental only. Anyway above is a Free Printable Purse craft. My little girls love to put candy in it and give it to a friend or put an invitation to a tea party in it and hand it out.  So fun. You can print this Paper bag craft in color sheet format or in color. Instructions are above. You can see all of our free crafts that we make here in the family by going to That is where we are archiving them so you will always have access to past printable craft projects.  We made a khaki green one for little boy and put it on our site too for those of you with little men who love scissors and glue. I'm still pretty new to blogging, but loving it. Hoping to get some more followers, so I can feel cool. So far I have 2 followers. One is my own daughter. LOL. I guess that doesnt really count. But the other is Rachel. Thanks Rachel, for following me :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Printable Owl Projects for kids


Fun Owl project for kids! All they do is:

1. Color (if printed in black and white) or paint and let dry.
2. Cut out the tree leaves, circles and owl. 
3. Glue onto the trunk. 

That's all you have to do, and the kids love it!  
If you like our free projects, visit and check out and print more!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Gift to All you Fab Moms!

Here is my gift to all the busy moms in the world.  Oh yes, we are busy because we have the only job in the world that our regular hours are 24/7 and 365 days per year with no overtime.   Ummmm, actually, no wages at all for that matter. LOL   Pat yourselves on the back for all you do :)  There were several times I went to the computer wanting a simple easy free printable craft for my children that would not require a trip to the craft store for supplies. You know, just something they could cut out, color and paste together. I like to keep them busily while I scrapbook. Yes, doing something more interactive than TV is good. I did find some coloring pages for kids that were only 'OK' and a few free printable crafts, but noticed there is a shocking lack of great printable crafts for kids online. So here you have it. Print this free crafts and let your cutie give it a try. If they like it, we have made a free website you can see them all. We publish a new Free Printable Craft or coloring page every week.